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Recent events taken place

360-Degree Feedback Program: Infuses Transformative Power into Leadership Journey

'We had recently started the 360-Degree Feedback debriefing process for our learners from a renowned MNC. The reports were being well-received, as our learners had found the results to be meaningful and beneficial for their leadership development. We believe in the power of feedback to unlock potential and elevate performance. Our 360-Degree Feedback Program goes beyond traditional evaluations by providing a holistic view of an individual's strengths and areas for development from multiple perspectives. Key benefits are:

1) Increasing self-awareness: gain a deeper understanding of individual behaviours, and how they are perceived by others.

2) Identifying areas for development: can pinpoint any development stoppers which hinder their growth and success.

3) Facilitating goal setting: help setting clear and achievable goals for their personal and professional development.

4) Enhancing development effectiveness: improve development effectiveness. By leveraging the insights gained from the feedback process, participants can make meaningful changes to their behavior, communication, and decision-making.

By focusing on key development areas and providing actionable feedback, our program enables individuals to accelerate their growth and drive positive change in their organizations.

Thrilling Team Experience Success Story by Using Team Bomb Squad! 

We've recently organised a team event for one of our returning customers featuring the Team Bomb Squad challenge. Participants were tasked with defusing a digital bomb under pressure, testing their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

The event was a massive hit, with the team fully immersed in the high-stakes scenario and working together to successfully complete the mission. The energy, excitement, and team spirit displayed were truly inspiring to witness. 

We take pride in delivering engaging and impactful team events that not only strengthen teamwork but also foster a culture of trust, unity and agility within organisations. We look forward to creating more memorable experiences together!

Another Successful Workshop on Leveraging Intergenerational Diversity!

We are recently had the opportunity to conduct an impactful workshop on "Leveraging Intergenerational Diversity" for on of our most valued and loyal customers which is an MNC with learners from their management team.

We delved into the power of embracing and leveraging the diverse perspectives, experiences, and strengths that each generation brings to the table. We explored how intergenerational collaboration can drive innovation, enhance communication, and foster a more inclusive and productive work environment.

During the workshop, participants gained a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics, motivations, and communication styles of different generations, enabling them to foster stronger connections and build effective teams. We also discussed strategies to bridge the gap, encouraging open dialogue, empathy, and mutual respect. Participants left the workshop equipped with practical tools to foster better understanding and collaboration across age groups. 

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants express gratitude for the insights gained from workshop. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our loyal customer for entrusting us with this important workshop.

If you are interested in exploring how "Leveraging Intergenerational Diversity' can benefit your organization, please feel free to reach out. Our team of experts is here to support you in driving positive change and foster a culture of inclusivity.

Celebrating the Success of a 2Days & 1 Night Innovative Team Culturing Event for a government department!We are thrilled to share the immense success of a ground-breaking team experience for a government department. To foster collaboration, boost morale, and enhance problem-solving skills, we crafted event that truly elevated the traditional team culturing concept.What set this event apart was the integration of digital and gamification elements what revoluntionized the way participants engaged and experienced together. By blurring the lined between reality and technology, we crated an immersive experience that surpassed all expectations.During the event, participants not only leveraged digital devices to tackle challenges but also benefited from successful briefing session which facilitated effective learning consolidations. The incorporation of gamification elements added an extra layer of excitement and interactivity, creating a healthy competition among participants while fostering closer bonds within the ground of learnersWe also found Hong Kong Science Park has invaluable world-class facilities and resources that could be in delivering comprehensive learning session. The remarkable venues facilitated unparalleled learning opportunities that helped to unlock learners' full potential.If you're looking to revitalize the team bonding, contact us and let's push the boundaries of what is possible with the incredible possibilities offered by gamification.

Unleashing Leadership Excellence: Empowering Leaders with the "Evolving Leadership Program"

We are thrilled to share the incredible success of our "Evolving Leadership Program" which we've organized for our esteemed client Xenus Technology Limited. The 3-day Program was designed to empower participants with the skills, knowledge and attitude needed to excel as leaders in their respective fields. Through a series of interactive workshops, insightful discussions, and practical exercises, participants were able to develop a clear vision for their team and organization. The feedback we received from the learners has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the program's effectiveness and practicality to drive meaningful change.

Co-Creating Shared Vision and Identity

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to support this incredible team from Skechers Hong Kong Limited in their journey to co-create a team vision and identity. We are delighted with the outcomes! Through interactive exercise and facilitated discussions, the management team came together to define their collective vision, align their goals, and establish a strong team identity. The energy and enthusiasm in the room were palpable!

HKIHRM Annual Conference 2023: ESSENTIA unleashed the Power in Learning and Development 

We had an incredible day at the Conference today! It was such a valuable opportunity to connect with numerous professionals and expand our network. Thank you HKIHRM for this priceless event. Let's dive into a world of endless learning possibilities together! We're thrilled to seize every opportunity with you!


We will be making a splash at the HKIHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition 2023 on Sep 15 at The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our powerful learning programs and connect with industry professionals at this prestigious event. Our booth is at No. 32 which will be a vibrant hub where you can dive deep into our unique services. We can't wait to meet you there! We'll have experts on hand to answer your questions and discuss how we can embark on a journey of team culturing excellence together. 


Intergenerational Communication: Bridging X, Y and Z Workshop.

We are thrilled to share the incredible success of the Intergenerational Communication Workshop which aimed to bridge the communication gaps that can arise between generations in our client's workplace, fostering understanding, collaboration, and increase harmony.Throughout the workshop, we explored the unique characteristics, values, and communication preferences of each generation, from the Boomer to Generation Z.

By understanding historical events, societal and technology changes that have shaped these generations, we were able to gain valuable insights, and understanding into their communication styles and expectations. One of the highlights of the workshop was interactive discussions and activities that encouraged participants to share their experiences and perspectives. These discussions allowed them to debunk stereotypes and misconceptions, foster empathy, and respect among participants. 

Thank you to all the participants who made this workshop a resounding success. Your enthusiasm and willingness to learn, to share and to grow truly inspire us to continue creating meaningful experiences. Let's continue the conversation and work together to bridge the generational gaps in our workplaces, creating a harmonious and thriving environments for all.

HKCC 30Jun2023 TM.png

"Less is More" Workshop: Unleashing the Power of Influential Communication

Effective communication plays a vital role in navigating challenges and thriving amidst constant change. We recently underwent a TetraMap® communication workshop aimed to achieve better communication with less effort, optimise strategy to create synergy, enhance awareness of behaviour preferences, and foster positive mindsets for generating new ideas. Through interactive exercises, participants gained a deeper understanding of effective communication strategies and learned how to convey their messages with clarity and impact. They also developed stronger listening skills which enabling them to understand and respond to others' perspectives. This workshop truly empowered learners to elevate their communication prowess and navigate interactions.

Team Hunt Squad (Social Media).png

Join the Exciting Team Hunt Squad x WM Hotel by Essentia @Sai Kung

Are you ready for an adventure? ESSENTIA and WM Hotel are thrilled to invite you to our exhilarating Team Hunt Squad™ that promises to be an unforgettable experience this summer!

Date: 29-Jul, 12-Aug and 26-Aug 2023
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: WM Hotel

Put your detective skills to the test as you solve puzzles and uncover clues to discover WM Hotel and the town's hidden treasures. This interactive adventure is the perfect to experience Sai Kung history, culture, and natural wonders in a fun and exciting way. Form a team with your friends, family or colleagues and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the streets of Sai Kung and WM Hotel.

To register for the thrilling event, simply visit WM Hotel's website and secure your spot today. Spaces are limited, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

We can't wait to see you at the starting line! Let's embark on this exciting adventure together! Enrol here.



Unlocking Teamwork and Adventure: Unforgettable Team Hunt Squad with Captain Church @Sai Kung!

Due We recently embarked on an exhilarating journey, solve clues, collaborating, and exploring together in a thrilling Team Hunt Squad at Sai Kung with learners from the Captain Church. It was an incredible experience that not only brought the team closer but also ignited the problem-solving as well as leadership skills. The laughter, camaraderie, and sense of accomplishment were truly priceless. A big shoutout to the learners for making it a memorable success!


Team-Culturing Experience Day to Boost Togetherness:
Due to the growing complexity in the VUCA world and with team members coming from different backgrounds and cultures. Individuals also have different levels of understanding, opinions, skills and communication. A full day Team Culturing Experience Program for 14 learners was tailor-made to enable the members to appreciate the diversity of personalities and cultures, facilitate communication and how to put these into actions. The program broke down boundaries and created "togetherness" by appreciating the diversity of other personalities. Learners also discovered their own core values and explored how to connect with others. By taking time out of the office as a team to work as "One Team One Goal" helped to re-energise team spirit, increased collaboration, encouraged wider buy in and greatly raised positive energy!

9Mar 2023 LSP.png

Stimulating understanding, communication and problem solving:

The Value-based Goal Setting Program by using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (“LSP”) was designed for 40 insurers from an international insurance company. Being an insurer that customers can trust goes beyond the technical elements of risk management, and extends to how to listen and talk to customers from the point of sale to the time when claims are filed. LSP involves intensive exchange of ideas among each other. This exchange always creates a lot of feelings and enthusiasm. Our facilitators don’t have all the answers. The workshop outcome depends on hearing all the voices from inside the room. As the workshop progressed, all participants had gotten a glimpse of teammates’ personality quirks and were able to relate to each other better. The biggest outcome of the learning session was stimulating understanding, communication and, problem solving which then created an environment with insight, confidence and commitment.

PolyU 25Feb v2-2.png

Division of Business and Hospitality Management (BHM), CPCE, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Leadership and Team Building Workshop
On a beautiful weekend in spring, a group of students from HKCC and SPEED of PolyU enjoyed our Building Rainbow Mega-City Team Event where participants were able to explore their leadership style, build trust, encourage communication and foster innovation. Team building is aimed at forming a close-knit, well-coordinated team through activities which help to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Building the Rainbow Mega-City helps the group to work on a common goal by contributing their own efforts. All actions of each team member must be well-coordinated within their own responsibility. They should understand what the results of each step will lead to. Motivation plays one of the significant roles here. 


The Unstoppable Team™ -  Powerful Team Experience for Siemens

The ESSENTIA was truly honoured to arrange management team building event for Siemens last week. The program was called “The Unstoppable Team™” with chain reaction activity aiming to broaden their team’s boundaries and experience collective team power! 
Thank you for the excellent feedback and we can’t wait to see you again soon!
Click here to read more. 

HKCChior 23Dec2022.png

The Hong Kong Children's Choir: The Making of Rainbow Mega-City 

One of the most powerful reasons for team building is to create a strong team through forming bonds and connections. The benefits of team building include increased communication, planning skills, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Our signature program “Making of Rainbow Mega-City” helped The Hong Kong Children's Choir to facilitate long-term team building through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions, and processing. 

Habib Bank Zurich (HK) Ltd.: Less is More Communication Workshop with TetraMap® 

Communication is key to business success. TetraMap®, a globally proven learning model designed to help team members to understand how individual communication preferences will impact on team harmony. Participants will develop a new perspective in individual behaviour, learn to reduce conflicts and shift mindsets. Consequently, based on an accessible and actionable platform, they are able to build better relationships for team growth.

Ricardo Dec2022.jpg

Ricardo: Unleash Team Power in the VUCA World with LEGO® Serious Play® 

LEGO® Serious Play® allows learners to “think with their hands” and “listen with their eyes”. People from Ricardo had chances to unlock their creativity and innovation with a different way to express themselves. The exchanged ideas allow a rich collaboration where each unique contribution becomes part of a greater whole. 


Thank You TetraMap® for featuring our Managing Director Vivien in the latest community newsletter!

The beauty of TetraMap® lays at its possibility to integrate well with other learning programs. It is a powerful tool to ease the facilitation process and strengthen learning experience. Vivien highly recommends TetraMap® to teambuilding facilitators to explore new activities and new ways to debrief. Please read full article here.


UOB Hong Kong: Co-creating Team Charter Using LEGO® Serious Play®

Team members with different backgrounds and thoughts are important corporate assets that help in tackling problems for optimal results. LEGO® Serious Play® give learners the capability and framework on how to express their thoughts, challenges and goals and at the same time to develop a team-specific charter which can be adapted continuously. 

2208127 PersolKelly-2.png

PERSOLKELLY Leadership Workshop with LEGO® Serious Play®

LEGO® Serious Play® is an innovative learning methodology to aid in leadership development which we give leaders the capability and framework on how to express their thoughts and challenges accurately and effectively. This methodology breaks down complicated and abstract ideas into simplified and metaphorical models to facilitate better team thinking and communication. 

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong Team-culturing Experience

Turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team which can work together to accomplish a common purpose will enable employees to work more effectively than a non-bonded group. Through well-designed team building activities, group members will know how to appropriately interact on the team and with the rest of the organization.  

Alcon experienced Team Building to Generate Good Vibes

Happiness and learning go hand in hand. To explore new things with your staff can generate good vibes among the team which will turn into business benefits. Choosing something extraordinary and outside people's comfort zones can encourage them with different abilities, talents and backgrounds to come together for shared purpose in new ways. 

LEGO Hong Kong Team-culturing Experience with LEGO® Serious Plays®

LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) is a creative methodology for team building which enables team communications through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. In a less formal and leisure environment, with colourful bricks, participants can share and discuss ideas and inspire their imaginations visually on organisational strategy or any problems on hand.  
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