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Recent events taken place


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Division of Business and Hospitality Management (BHM), CPCE, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: Leadership and Team Building Workshop

On a beautiful weekend in spring, a group of students from HKCC and SPEED of PolyU enjoyed our Building Rainbow Mega-City Team Event where participants were able to explore their leadership style, build trust, encourage communication and foster innovation. Team building is aimed at forming a close-knit, well-coordinated team through activities which help to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Building the Rainbow Mega-City helps the group to work on a common goal by contributing their own efforts. All actions of each team member must be well-coordinated within their own responsibility. They should understand what the results of each step will lead to. Motivation plays one of the significant roles here. 


The Unstoppable Team™ -  Powerful Team Experience for Siemens
The ESSENTIA was truly honoured to arrange management team building event for Siemens last week. The program was called “The Unstoppable Team™” with chain reaction activity aiming to broaden their team’s boundaries and experience collective team power! 
Thank you for the excellent feedback and we can’t wait to see you again soon!
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The Hong Kong Children's Choir: The Making of Rainbow Mega-City 
One of the most powerful reasons for team building is to create a strong team through forming bonds and connections. The benefits of team building include increased communication, planning skills, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Our signature program “Making of Rainbow Mega-City” helped The Hong Kong Children's Choir to facilitate long-term team building through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions, and processing. 

Habib Bank Zurich (HK) Ltd.: Less is More Communication Workshop with TetraMap® 
Communication is key to business success. TetraMap®, a globally proven learning model designed to help team members to understand how individual communication preferences will impact on team harmony. Participants will develop a new perspective in individual behaviour, learn to reduce conflicts and shift mindsets. Consequently, based on an accessible and actionable platform, they are able to build better relationships for team growth.

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Ricardo: Unleash Team Power in the VUCA World with LEGO® Serious Play® 
LEGO® Serious Play® allows learners to “think with their hands” and “listen with their eyes”. People from Ricardo had chances to unlock their creativity and innovation with a different way to express themselves. The exchanged ideas allow a rich collaboration where each unique contribution becomes part of a greater whole. 


Thank You TetraMap® for featuring our Managing Director Vivien in the latest community newsletter!
The beauty of TetraMap® lays at its possibility to integrate well with other learning programs. It is a powerful tool to ease the facilitation process and strengthen learning experience. Vivien highly recommends TetraMap® to teambuilding facilitators to explore new activities and new ways to debrief. Please read full article here.


UOB Hong Kong: Co-creating Team Charter Using LEGO® Serious Play®
Team members with different backgrounds and thoughts are important corporate assets that help in tackling problems for optimal results. LEGO® Serious Play® give learners the capability and framework on how to express their thoughts, challenges and goals and at the same time to develop a team-specific charter which can be adapted continuously. 

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PERSOLKELLY Leadership Workshop with LEGO® Serious Play®
LEGO® Serious Play® is an innovative learning methodology to aid in leadership development which we give leaders the capability and framework on how to express their thoughts and challenges accurately and effectively. This methodology breaks down complicated and abstract ideas into simplified and metaphorical models to facilitate better team thinking and communication. 

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong Team-culturing Experience
Turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team which can work together to accomplish a common purpose will enable employees to work more effectively than a non-bonded group. Through well-designed team building activities, group members will know how to appropriately interact on the team and with the rest of the organization.  

Alcon experienced Team Building to Generate Good Vibes
Happiness and learning go hand in hand. To explore new things with your staff can generate good vibes among the team which will turn into business benefits. Choosing something extraordinary and outside people's comfort zones can encourage them with different abilities, talents and backgrounds to come together for shared purpose in new ways. 

LEGO Hong Kong Team-culturing Experience with LEGO® Serious Plays®
LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) is a creative methodology for team building which enables team communications through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. In a less formal and leisure environment, with colourful bricks, participants can share and discuss ideas and inspire their imaginations visually on organisational strategy or any problems on hand.  
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