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Achieving a certification can give you greater confidence on becoming a subject matter expert. In the world of learning and development, many credential holders valued the process of certification to validate their knowledge and the ability to connect with other professionals. Facilitation certificate is not only for individual consultants but also benefits in-house professionals to keep up their skill in enabling self and others to learn.

We are currently running 2 certification programs with our international partners, please talk to us for program detail and next certification date. In-house option available for 4 or more participants.

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Certified TetraMap® Facilitator Program

Certification Body: TetraMap® International, NZ

Program Highlight:

Discover new ways to drive collaboration, improve communication and increase performance in your workplace and in life. Thousands of global organizations are using TetraMap® as a framework in respond to daily challenges in their business. The intuitive tool disrupted the conventional psychometric methods by using nature as a metaphor to inspire people in boosting collaboration.  


The Certified TetraMap® Facilitator (CTF) Program offers high-value development in both professional and personal aspect. Anyone who needs to support individuals and teams to grow and manage change will benefit from the deep learning of become CTF. For consultants and facilitators, the program will immediately enrich your offering as well as your design and delivery capability. The program will also enable you to use TetraMap® to shift thinking and achieve greater business and personal results.  

Program Benefits:

* Strengthen your personal and professional relationships

* Explore how TetraMap® becomes a valuable life-long learning and thinking model

* Enrich your facilitation skill 

* Be able to integrate TetraMap® into your learning program 

* Build confidence to facilitate TetraMap® workshop effectively and independently 

* Join a global network of inspiring and supportive learners and facilitators

Who should join:

Facilitators, Consultants, In-house Trainer, Human Resources Professionals, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs 

Program Duration: 3 days​ face-to-face or 7 sessions online

Click here  for Certified TetraMap® Facilitator Program 2020

Click here to learn more about TetraMap®

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Certified Facilitator, Enterprise Coaching Program (ECP™) 

Certification Body: MasterCoach Institute, SGP

Program Highlight:

The two-day app-powered Program is designed to grow learning professionals and coaches to run Enterprise Coaching Program (ECP™) successfully and confidently. The ECP™ aims to develop managers into confident workplace coaches who can engage and facilitate the growth and performance of employees within the context of the performance management process.

Accredited by the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP), the ECP™ is uniquely powered by the world’s first action-based coaching app – MasterCoach. After the ECP™ Workshop, the MasterCoach App TM continues to enable managers to facilitate regular and effective performance check-ins with employees throughout the year. Training, combined with coaching technology, will support a sustainable follow through with skills application and reap a higher training ROI.

Program Benefits:

* Gain professional certification by the MasterCoach Institute and to deliver the ECP™ confidently 

* Explore and experience how ECP™ can make coaching culture effective and sustainable by use of technology

* Learn ways to support leaders in engaging millennials in a way that works

* Join a global network of coaches and people development professionals, get inspired and support the growth of each other

Who should join:

Workplace Managers, Learning & Development Team, Facilitators, Consultants, Coaches  

Program Duration: 2 days​

Click here to learn more about MasterCoach

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