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Organizations nowadays need to deliver results much more quickly under the VUCA world. On top of the customer expectation and product change, organizations are facing accelerating technological change and a multi-generational workplace environment. Not only to evolve the organization to become more change-friendly one, but at the same time caring and engaging their people will become the only sustainable solutions.

With our consultation service, we helps organization to review their current situation and together will make progress to build a happy, productive workforce with innovative learning culture for long term success.

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Employee Happiness: Diamond Wellness™

Growing evidences had proven that organizations thrive when employees are happy! Happiness at work is a mindset, which enables employees to maximise their performance and unleash their potential. With Diamond Wellness™, we look into 4 wholistic perspectives including physical, emotional, social & intellectual to help your employees building sustainable healthy and happy life for both professional and personal life.   

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Tech-enabled Assessment Centre

Get over the traditional interviews and psychometric tests, we apply a taste of technology throughout the assessment process.  No matter it is for talent selection or talent management, we will support you with an assessment centre solution which integrate both technology and human touch. Full team of seasoned assessors and supporters are ready to help you find the most suitable talents.  

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Customized Learning Toolkit

Our learning experts and specialized team will help your organization to create high impact and engaging program with a touch of your unique culture. Depending on your needs, the deliverables of a customized program will include program outline, detail class plan, in-class material, online material, learning props as well as evaluation form 

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Induction Program

An effective and engaging induction program can make a difference in successful integration of your new comers! Our methodology included 3 "I"s - Impression, Induction & Integration.

Let us work together to welcome your newbies with a bespoke and engaging induction process!