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  1. essence, substance, being, actuality, essential thing

  2. existing entity, whole

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ESSENTIA is passionate in helping people and organizations elevate through learning. Our unique strengths lay in our extensive experience in learning development with diverse group of facilitators and partners. When working with us, you are in the hands of experts full of knowledge and capability to add value to your organization. 

Our amazing partners, local & global.

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Meet your facilitator.



Founder & Managing Director

Vivien is a seasoned and energetic facilitator who found ESSENTIA after 15+ successful years of corporate experience in Learning & Development as well as Sales & Consulting. Vivien believes that learning can be enriching and fun! She has delivered workshops for local & global enterprises, Fortune 500 organizations and in education and public sectors. She has inspired thousands of learners with her engaging facilitation style. Vivien graduated her EMBA with distinction from the University of Hull and BBA from the University of Hong Kong.
Vivien is the 1st Master TetraMap® Facilitator in the Greater China Region, Certified MasterCoach Facilitator, Certified Facilitator in LEGO® Serious Play® method & material, Reiss Motivation Profile® Master as well as a passionate certified yoga teacher. 

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Associate Partner

Johanna believes that sustainable success lays in building learning culture and empowering the development of people. She is an attentive listener and strategic thinker who value-added momentously in learner engagement and consulting process. Johanna deepened the learning of participants by sharing valuable insights in her workshops. Her clients spread through private and public sectors and she is highly praised for her professional service. 
In her 20 years of corporate life, Johanna has gained remarkable reputation in the manufacturing and trading field with all-round experience. She was a General Manager in a global enterprise and possesses solid skills in managing multinational workforce in dynamic business environment. She holds EMBA degree from the University of Hull, Coaching Clinic® Certificate, Certified TetraMap® Facilitator & WSET Level 3 Advanced Certificate.



Associate Partner

Wah Yuen is an experienced learning & OD professional with 30 years experience, in both the corporate and consulting world. He has facilitated hundreds of workshops and meetings for senior management and operations staff in organisations from diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Engineering, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Education, Information Technology.

Wah Yuen has held leadership positions in MNCs, working with and coaching leaders to create a performance-based organisational culture that supports the business strategy. Wah Yuen has covered Asia Pacific extensively, having worked with and coached leaders in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taipei, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand and Singapore. Wah Yuen holds a Masters in Education (Training & Development) and trained in Brain-Based Coaching. He is certified in MBTI, Hogan Assessments, Leadership and Management Inventory, Life Styles Inventory.

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Associate Partner

Herbert believes that a good communication platform enables people to connect better, and that lead to more chances of succeed within the team itself or between departments. Herbert believes LEGO® bricks is not just a toy, but a good communication tool for people to express their thoughts, and to explore their creativities and ideas. He has begun his journey as a LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator since then and been working with client from private, public and education sectors. 
With his 6 years of experience as a Brick Artist, Herbert's works have won the 5th Place in 2017 LEGO® Building Competition in Hong Kong and the Co-Winner in Overwatch Building Competition 2019. Herbert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the Sydney University.



Master Facilitator

Raymond Yap is an active and experienced trainer, executive coach and management consultant. He has facilitated hundreds of workshops and meetings for senior management and operations staff using TetraMap® and Large Group Intervention processes.

Raymond has served in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) for 25 years before his consulting career. His vast experience with the RSAF covers the areas of operations, training, human resource planning and management, budget control and strategic planning. These experiences set the foundation for him to becoming an active, experienced and professional trainer, consultant and executive coach. Raymond has serves as Executive Coach for Singapore Armed Force (SAF) since Nov 2007. He has since then coached more than 50 SAF senior officers. Raymond has certified as qualified coach with Stolmack Group Pte Ltd (Australia), University of Lancaster (UK) and Erickson Coaching International (Canada) and is is an established Master TetraMap® Facilitator certified by the founders, Yoshimi and Jon Brett.




Energetic and cheerful, Him is an experiential learning facilitator passionate in helping others to grow. Him has led teambuilding programs for many organizations including private, public sector as well as in the education field. Him is also a fitness coach who provide health and exercise advice to his client. 




Elliot is a young talented facilitator who aspires to inspire. Elliot define success not only about personal achievements, but also to facilitate others to achieve theirs. His strengths are to listen and to ask. Elliot believes that life is adventurous, we can never stop learning and growing.

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Wellness Advisor (Mindfulness)

Having spent more than 20 years building up an executive career, Shirley decided to quit her senior role in 2015 to follow a more altruistic lifestyle. Shirley devoted her time to teach yoga and share mindfulness with others. She got more than 3,000 teaching hours and had been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 10 years in India, Tibet, Nepal, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 



Wellness Advisor (Physiotherapy)

Bernice is a registered physiotherapy, with her extensive experience, she has also designed and facilitated the service learning subject for the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences for over 6 years. Bernice cares about people’s needs and would be contented to see others succeed. She is often described as considerate and cheerful! 



Business Partner

Elaine Ann is the Founder & Director of Kaizor Innovation and author of Xperience Innovation™, she is a strategic innovator who helps companies strategise, research, and define innovative products and services. Elaine is highly experienced in the design thinking process and has worked with companies such as Google, Airbnb, DropBox, BMW DesignWorksUSA. Elaine also trains executives and students alike on NewProduct/Services Innovation and User Experience, sharing her practical work and enrich others on the Design Thinking arena.

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