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Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein


What is


Serious Play®?

The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology is an innovative process designed to unlock imagination and innovation within an organization. Just as the LEGO® Group inspiring children to 'build their dreams', adults can also build their visions for future strategy! Based on research, hand-mind connection is able to produce meaningful and deep understanding of the world and allow us to solve complex problem. The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology deep dive our reflection process and re-engine our dialogue - for everyone in the organization. The method requires a trained LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator. Talk to us about your need. 





100% Participation


Power of 3D Visualisation




How does a LEGO® Serious Play® session look like?


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Applications of LEGO® Serious Play®

lego creativity.jpg

 Creativity &


lego teamwork.jpg

 Teamwork & 

 Team Alignment 

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