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Why Choose   Essentia?

  • Our Diversed Expertise, Your Experience

  • Our Passionate People, Your Facilitator

  • Our Proven Methodology, Your Trust

  • Our Full Commitment, Your Engagement

Our Diversed Expertise, Your Experience

Our unique strengths lay in our extensive experience in training & development for small to medium companies as well as MNCs & listed organisations. By partnering with us, you are in the hands of experts full of knowledge and capability to add value to your organisation.

Our Passionate People, Your Facilitator

We work with exceptional partners and professional facilitators from different background which allow us to support your needs much further. Our facilitators are passionate, fun, inspiring and provide great facilitation for our learning activities.

Our Proven Methodologies, Your Trust

We use proven methodologies and tried methods such as TetraMap®, the use of LEGO® Serious Play® materials and methodology, NLP to create and develop each learning solution. We believe that learning can be fun and we are not afraid of combining innovative ideas to shake things up in order to get results! 

Our Full Commitment, Your Engagement

We are committed to delivering the best learning experience to you and we work closely with you to understand the learning needs of you and your team. 


A 3-stage learning approach we will use to ensure the effectiveness of your learning experience.

          FIRST STAGE  | Pre-learning 

                                          Define & Design 

          SECOND STAGE | Learning

                                     Engage & Enjoy

         FINAL STAGE | Post-Learning

                                     Review & Reinforce

Each learning solution is unique and custom designed to ensure we combine knowledge and action with fun and engagement!